We take most forms of major medical insurance, including L&I and motor vehicle accident claims.

We would be happy to check your benefits for you and answer any questions you may have in regards to billing different insurance companies.

We encourage all of our patients to contact their insurance company prior to their visit to confirm coverage of services for Massage Therapy as each plan differs tremendously and some plans require referrals and pre-authorization. Please keep in mind that some plan services are subject to deductible.

Please check the forms page to learn more about our insurance policies and requirments.


Feeling out of balance? In pain? It's time take the steps down the path of natural healing!

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Most Popular Procedures

Relaxation Massage

We believe everyone can benefit from an excellent massage. It will decrease stress and tension levels and ease tight and sore muscles relaxing like the whole body, spirit, and mind.

Add hot stone or heated bamboo
to your visit!

Injury Treatment

If you are suffering from a soft tissue injury, whether it is a past or recent injury we are trained to help. Our therapist are educated in a wide range of massage modalities to decrease your pain and stiffness which may be caused by a variety of conditions such as: Tendonitis, Muscle tension, Lymphatic conditions, soft tissue damage, scar tissue, muscle tears and strains, plantar facitis, sciatic symptoms along with many others will be treated by our therapists.

Negative Pressure

Cupping, originated in eastern medicine, uses rubber (or glass) cups to draw the tissue layers up from the bone, allowing all layers of interstitial tissue to release from one another. This not only makes deep tissue massage more effective, but also helps to draw toxins out of dermal layers.

Our Services

Lomi Lomi A Hawaiian Form of massage formulated to mimic the waves of the polynesian sea.
Reiki A wonderful option for those suffering from fibromyalgia, nerve pain, emotional distress, or those currently going through treatments that do not allow for deep tissue massage.
R.M.I.T. Repetitive Motion Injury Treatment uses a combination of stretching and pressure to relieve tight muscles.
Skin Care Shea or Cocoa butter skin treatment and hot Almond oil hair and scalp massage. Facial Cupping for sinus relief and collagen enhancement for the visual reduction of wrinkles and redness.